Sound Labs

An unique “immersive experience” designed with soundproofing and absorption material. It can be used as a private Sound Laboratory.

防音と消音素材でデザインされたユニークな「没入型体験」。 プライベートサウンドラボとして使用できます。
Dimensions :
Noize Room – H 1.4 m Ø 2.3 m
Silence Lounge – H 2.7 m Ø 3.8 m
NOIZE ROOM  designed by Asai Mutsushi

Silence Lounge by DBA / Atelier Global  – Design Tri-Wall Group Japan

An unique “immersive space” designed to experience silence with sound proofing and absorption material. This installation is engineering inside a geodesic dome made from patented board material from Japan. Inside, it is decorated with geometric sound absorbing material and soft lighting to fully enhance this experience.

This patented structure is available for airport and hotel lounges, music festivals and other Art and Design Exhibitions. It is also ideal to be used as a private place to experience home audio or recordings. The dimension is 2.7 m in height, 3.8 m in diameter. Easily assembled and stored.



共同设計 : DBA / Atelier Global汇创
用吸音和隔音材料,測試沉寂無聲的環境。該裝置是用日本專利紙盒包装板材製成。測地線圓頂內進行音响工程設計。 內部採用幾何吸音材料和柔和的燈光裝飾,以充分增強這種體驗。
這種專利的結構可用於機場和酒店休息室,音樂節和其他藝術與装置設計展覽。它也是可以給個人住宅用私人場所體驗家庭音樂或錄音的理想選擇。 尺寸為 3.8 m 直徑,2.7 m 高度。可簡單收藏和組裝。