DBA Audio Limited

Resonance Speakers

This revolutionary speaker is presented by DBA Audio to serve as a modern quite luxury decor thanks to its retro futurist feel and as a sensational Art Speaker. DBA aims to provide you with an ultimate sonic experience and visual extraordinaire.

RS 600 Passive Speakers

Metallic 'Resonance Disc' is a novel design in sound engineering

RS 240 Active Classic Black / Blue

Design Awards

2015, Best LifeStyle Product, A&D Trophy Award, HK/CHINA
2016, Honourable Mention, IDA, CAL/USA
2018, Bronze Award, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2020, Grand Prize, GBA Cultural Creativity Award, ZHUHAI/CHINA

2021, Silver Award, The 4th china China Ceramic Art Design, JINDEZHEN/CHINA
2021, Award Nomination, Duet – Goldreed Industrial Design Award, HEBEI/CHINA
2021, Honourable Mention, Design Intelligence Award (DIA), HANGZHOU/CHINA
2021, Bronze, Duet –  Product Design, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Bronze, Resonantor 600 – Product- Commercial, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Photography – Graphics – HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Logo-Visual Identity System- Graphics, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Duet Resonators Gold – Lifestyle HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA

2022, Silver, Hong Kong Smart Design Awards – Home and Houseware, HK/CHINA
2022, Merit Award, DFA Design for Asia Awards, HK/CHINA

2023, Best Popularity Award, Future Tense Award, Cyclee, HK/China

DBA Audio Limited
Room 1104 Crawford House
70 Queen’s Road Central HK
tel: 60685292 (WhatsApp)


DBA Philosophy

The design philosophy of DBA Audio Limited is to create a speaker with a unique range of timbres derived from various resonating materials. Our “Resonance Speakers” are made from aluminum alloy that utilizes the properties of various resonant materials for more acoustic effects.  The basic form of all of our speakers is a conical aluminum woofer surrounded by a resonant disc made of aluminum, ceramics, metal alloys, or wood. All parts are hand-crafted, polished, anodized, and individually tuned. Our patent-pending “Resonance Disc” technology is the marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern acoustic design, results in an instrument-like response, now available as a high-end speaker. By combining heritage craftsmanship, Resonance Speakers are ideal for living rooms or Studios and as an item that creates a sense of  luxury. Hailed as the next-generation minimal industrial design, which is based on ergonomics, our speakers are visually stunning and sonically unobtrusive, and we are convinced that they will appeal to audiophiles with a deep appreciation of art. We believe that a sophisticated speaker design should bring joy both visually and sonically.

World Heritage Editions

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