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A revolutionary design in sound engineering

RS 600 Passive Speakers

Metallic 'Resonance Disc' is a novel design in sound engineering

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Design Awards

2015, Best LifeStyle Product, A&D Trophy Award, HK/CHINA
2016, Honourable Mention, IDA, CAL/USA
2018, Bronze Award, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2020, Grand Prize, GBA Cultural Creativity Award, ZHUHAI/CHINA

2021, Silver Award, The 4th china China Ceramic Art Design, JINDEZHEN/CHINA
2021, Award Nomination, Duet – Goldreed Industrial Design Award, HEBEI/CHINA
2021, Honourable Mention, Design Intelligence Award (DIA), HANGZHOU/CHINA
2021, Bronze, Duet –  Product Design, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Bronze, Resonantor 600 – Product- Commercial, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Photography – Graphics – HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Logo-Visual Identity System- Graphics, HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA
2021, Excellence Award, Duet Resonators Gold – Lifestyle HKDA GDA, HK/CHINA

2022, Silver, Hong Kong Smart Design Awards – Home and Houseware, HK/CHINA
2022, Merit Award, DFA Design for Asia Awards, HK/CHINA

2023, Best Popularity Award, Future Tense Award, Cyclee, HK/China

DBA Audio Limited
Room 1104 Crawford House
70 Queen’s Road Central HK
tel: 60685292 (WhatsApp)



The DBA patent-pending resonance disc is a revolutionary component of our multi-award-winning wireless high-definition audio resonance speakers. This innovative technology takes audio quality to new heights, providing an immersive and powerful sound experience. The resonance disc is designed to enhance the audio output of our speakers by creating a resonating effect. It is made of a special material that vibrates and amplifies the sound waves produced by the speakers. This amplification creates a more natural and immersive sound, allowing you to feel like you are in the middle of the action.

DBA speakers have been recognized with multiple awards for their exceptional audio quality and innovative design. The patent-pending resonance disc is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology. With our wireless high-definition audio resonance speakers, you can enjoy a truly immersive and high-fidelity sound experience. Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, our speakers will transport you to a new level of audio excellence.

Experience the difference of our multi-award-winning wireless high definition audio resonance speakers with the patent-pending resonance disc. Immerse yourself in the power of sound like never before.

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