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Resonator Speakers is designed with an all-metallic enclosure using a full-range speaker and a down-firing woofer. Apart from the metallic enclosure, the front-facing “Resonance Disc” is a revolutionary and patent-pending design; this allows the innate timbre to be more audible by means of vibration of the signal source from the top full-range driver. As a result, the ‘sustain’ or the ‘decay’ of the sound wave are prolonged, and this can be best illustrated when Tibetan singing bowl or Hand drums are used as an example. Simply put, this is an unprecedented feature in speaker design. This is a high-end active speaker designed for home, studio, or lounge.

Type: Active/Passive
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 aptX/ 3.5 mm Aux in/ Speaker Terminals
Drivers: 4.5 inch full range 8 inch woofer
Resonance Disc: 600 mm dia∅ Thickness 2mm
Material: Aluminium Disc/  Fiberglass Conical subwoofer
Finishing: Anordized Aluminium
Dimensions: h 1250mm x 305mm base dia∅
Colors: Black

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