Sahari Orin – Special Edition


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Special Designed by Orin Master Kazuya Nanjo

All the spirituality of sound and Japanese craftsmanship are embodied in these magnificent “Orin”. These traditional Japanese musical instruments used in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines have sometimes required dozens of recastings in order to obtain a pure and undulating sound, not found elsewhere. They are ideal for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and well-being. Since 1839, the Nanjo Kobo foundry has supplied the temples and shrines of Kyoto, as well as the bells of certain parade floats from the famous traditional Kyoto festival, the “Gion Matsuri”. The peculiarity of these singing bowls comes from the sound that emanates from them. As long as the sound is not pure, the goldsmiths’ hands reshape the metal called “sahari”, a copper and tin alloy recipe handed down for several generations. From home, be ready for a spiritual journey away from the constraints of everyday life.

Available in Resonators 240/ Duet

Type: Active
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 HD aptX/ Aux in/ Subwoofer out/
Drivers: 3 inch full range 4.5 inch woofer
Resonance Disc: 240 mm dia∅
Material: Aluminium
Finishing: Anordized Aluminum
Dimensions: h 498mm x 168 mm dia
Colors: Black/Silver

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